Questionable: Tactile Feedback iPhone Thing

March 26, 2008


My Touch Keys are little static-cling cutouts you put on top of your iPhone's screen. They're supposed to help you hit the non-physical keys easier and provide tactile feedback when you're typing. Allegedly you can interact through the screen, so it won't affect the rest of the display's usability. They cost $8 for two so if you have monster sausage fingers like my girlfriend you may want to consider giving them a go. Of course she doesn't have an iPhone so it's not a problem. Or any phone for that matter. She doesn't need one because she doesn't have any friends, and if I need her I just yell. Don't worry folks, she knows I'm just pulling her chain. Literally, the one that keeps her tethered to the stove. Now go ahead and put my frozen pizza in the oven, honey.
my touch keys add tactile feedback to iphone, sorta. [technabob]

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