Robotic BigDog Is Amazingly Lifelike, Scary, Headless, Awesome, Leggy, Strong

March 18, 2008

This is a new video of Boston Dynamics' incredibly mobile BigDog quadruped robot. The robot has gone through several modifications since its inception, and this is the new-and-improved version. As is evident from the video, the scary little bastard can now climb hills, jump, and carry more than 340 pounds of drugs over the border. Did I mention it looks too much like a real animal? Because it does. And I really did get sad when at 0:35 into the video the guy kicks the shit out of it to show off its self balancing skills. It made me want to punch that guy in the face. You can't just go around kicking robotic animals like that, it's cruel. Robots have feelings too.

UPDATE: It turns out robots don't have feelings after all. Which is actually good news, because I've been wanting to destroy this worthless Roomba for a while now. Take that you non-suctioning piece of crap. *beats with broom handle* HA HA, you can't feel that can you? Nope, because you're just a stupid little robot! *continues the beating, pieces start to break off* Oh my God I think I heard a whimper. *sobs uncontrollably clutching broken robot pieces to bosom*

The old video of the original BigDog after the jump.

New video of BDI's Big Dog robot [ieeespectrum]

Thanks to RAUL, Steve, Billy Avenue, Anthony, Mark, Reid and Dan, who are all handsome, strapping young lads, for the tips

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