Porcupine Flashlight Is Sharp, Scary, Lethal

March 11, 2008


The K2 Porcupine is a tactical flashlight with a wicked sharp spiked bezel so you can maim and/or kill any would-be attackers.

Unlike ordinary tactical lights with crenellated bezel that can often inflict unnecessary harms to oneself, K2 features sharpened spikes around the bezel that protrude outward only when the spike protector is lowered. With the spikes protected when not needed, the fast turn threading allows the rapid retraction of the spike protector. These spikes are sharpened far more than those ordinary crenellated bezel light. Together with its powerful 70-lumen eye-blinding white light, the sharpened retractable spikes make K2 a powerful self defense tool.

The $129 flashlight runs on two CR-123A batteries and will give you about 60 minutes of light. You know, it seems like just yesterday I was attacking my roommate with a sharpened flashlight because I mistook him for a burglar. What Steve? That was yesterday? Sorry it's kind of hard to hear you through all those bandages.

K2 Porcupine Flashlight blinds attackers, then rips them to shreds [dvice]

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