Plasma Speakers: Awesome As You'd Expect

March 27, 2008

Plasma speakers have apparently existed since the 50's, but I'd never heard of them because my life up until this point has sucked. The speakers use a plasma arc to create compression waves instead of the traditionally boring magnets and cones. The "pitch is altered by the constantly shifting intensity of the plasma arc (the creator puts the frequency response range at 200Hz to 12kHz, and the speaker runs at 50W)." Kind of reminds me of the Tesla Coil music maker we saw awhile ago. This video is of an FM-based prototype, which I opted to use on the front page instead of the completed setup after the jump, because I just couldn't bring myself to post a video playing Hold Me Now by the Thompson Twins on the main page.

Plasma Speakers Create Music By Being Badass [gizmodo]

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