Optimus Mini 3 3.0 Keypad From Art Lebedev

March 13, 2008


Art Lebedev is now working on a follow up to the (popular?) Optimus Mini 3 keypad, the illegitimate little sister of the Optimus Maximus Keyboard. Just like its much bigger brother, the Mini has dynamic OLED buttons that can be changed according to the needs of your presentation. Updates from 2.0 include wirelessness (the other one wasn't?) and possibly some AC power. Now this is neat an all, but I think it's about time a company put something actually useful into a presentation clicker. You're thinking what I'm thinking aren't you? Hell yeah -- a powerful burning laser beam! That way when the ass-clowns in the back of the meeting start monkeying around during a lull in your Powerpoint you can kill them -- with your clicker! I think this is really going to take multimedia presentations to a whole new level. That level being, uh, laserly homicide.

NOTE: The Powerful Burning Laser Beam Presentation Clicker (Of Death) is a registered trademark of the Geekologie Writer. No unauthorized use of the product name or idea without prior written consent. Patent pending.

Optimus Mini 3 Keypad brings the 'wow' back to gadgets [dvice]

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