Mr. T Cookie Jar Keeps Cookies Safe, Fool!

March 28, 2008


Listen up, fool! Stuff your cookies in my head and I'll help keep them fresh and safe from annoying rugrats. And if I catch one standing on a stool trying to get at them I'll bite the little bastard's fingers off. I'm Mr. T, damnit. I pity the fool that tries to get up in my dome piece and steal cookies. F***, I need more necklaces. My head feels light enough to float off. Quick, more bling, I got no time for the jibba-jabba!

Mr. T's World of Warcraft commercial and a must see music video called Treat Your Mother Right, after the jump.

Mean Ceramic Cookie Jar [mrtandme]

Thanks to Christine, who bakes the best cookies in the world, for the tip

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