Monocycle Only Seats One For A Reason

March 24, 2008


Because there's no way in hell a woman would ever want to get on that thing with you. It just screams "I can juggle and perform magic tricks". Not that you juggling magicians out there aren't cool. You're just cool in a way that doesn't make women want to have sex with you. Anyways, if you're a risk taker and still want one the cycle has a 31cc engine, top speed of 25MPH, and a half gallon of fuel will get you two hours of riding enjoyment. It costs $13,000, which is more than a nice used car. Which would be a lot more practical. A nice used cat, however, would not be. Unless it was Cringer, He-Man's Battle Cat. Did I really just go there? Damn yeah I did. Castle Grayskull bitches, what?

Frightening Looking Motorized Monocycle [uberreview]

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