Microsoft MySong Generates Music To Singing, Is Questionable, I Still Want

March 10, 2008

MySong is a program from Microsoft Research that puts instrumental music to your singing. Now I'm not going to bore you with all the details of how it does that or anything, just know that if you have a mouth and tongue, you're basically going to be a famous musician. You just sing into your microphone, and presto, the program adds musical accompaniment. No need to pay musicians to play actual instruments, their days are numbered! That being said, the program seems to lay down the same boring-ass piano riff no matter what you sing. Even after adjusting the "Happy Factor" control down to a minimum and cranking up "Jazz Factor", the resulting song still smells like a cat's ass. To the program's credit though, the people demoing are clearly no-talent assclowns.

NOTE: Skip to about 2:45 in the video for the start of the demos, hit the link to read more about how the program works.

MySong, from Microsoft Research, makes singing sound a lot better than it really is [istartedsomething]

Thanks to Scott, who doesn't need a program to produce songs that make women swoon, for the tip

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