Mega Man 2 Scarf Sadly Doesn't Come With That Sultry Model Or The Awesome Hat

March 25, 2008


This is a Mega Man 2 themed scarf that has all the robot bosses on it. As you can see there's, um, Fan Man. And Frog Dude. Was that sacrilegious? Fine, Air Man and Bubble man. It's for sale if you want it, but it costs $150. It is, however, one of a kind. It is not, however, not bright yellow. Damn I'm in love with that girl in the picture. It's like she's looking into my soul and likes what she sees. Which is probably the potato salad and Fruit Rollup I had for breakfast.

One more of the detail after the jump.


Most Amazing Scarf Ever Made [thatgirlssite]

Thanks to Videogamegirl, who I'd like to trade my current girlfriend for, for the tip

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