Mustang Modded Into Transformers Cop Car

March 14, 2008


Following in the footsteps of other movie car modders, Jessie Vigil of Las Vegas, New Mexico (the Vegas without all the awesome hookers and gambling) has pimped out his 2007 Ford Mustang to look like the evil cop car from Transformers. As you can see it's rocking a fake lightbar and even has the police decal on the side. The best part? "Law enforcement agencies say what he's done with his car isn't illegal as long as he doesn't act like a police officer." OMG, yes! I'm totally doing this. I'm not sure what constitutes "acting like a police officer" but I'm going to take a few liberties and assume it doesn't include ramming other vehicles and driving in the median. Oh, hold on I'm getting an idea. Wait for it. Wait for it. Forget the cop car, I'm going to do the ambulance from, uh, any movie with an ambulance in it! I'll never sit through another red light again! Damn this is making me hot. Uh oh, another idea coming -- concentrate -- fully stocked mini-bar in the back. YES! Okay now I just need to pass this drug and alcohol course and get my license back.

Vegas Man Paints Car Like Police Cruiser [myway]

Thanks to Amanda, who is awesome, for the tip

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