Man Mods Car Into Wicked X-Wing Fighter

March 3, 2008


Some guy in California modded his Honda del Sol into Luke's X-Wing Fighter from Star Wars: A New Hope. As you can see it's got R2 in the trunk, some nice graphics work (burns, Rebel insignia), and laser blasters on the car doors. I swear if you squint your eyes, shake your head and punch yourself in the groin at the same time it really does look like a '94 Honda del Sol with a trashcan coming out of the trunk. In all honestly though, I really do like it and think the guy did a great job. It certainly turned out better than my Ford Taurus X-Wing mod. Yeah, I was going for the look of the fighter when it was in the Dagobah Swamp, so I drove it into a lake. I haven't seen it in awhile, but a catfish I met at the bar told me it looks great down there.

Honda del Sol mod

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