Machine Gun Cuts Down Tree, Sets It On Fire

March 4, 2008


From time to time I look up from drowning my sorrows in beer and liquor at the bar to see what's on the television. And this is one thing I happened to see: An episode of Mythbusters where they tested the myth of being able to cut down a tree using a gun. They started with little machine guns (which all failed), and finally moved on to this behemoth -- the Dillon M134D Gatlin Gun. At 3,000 rounds per minute the gun fells the tree in 45 seconds -- AND sets it on fire. AWESOME! Plus Kari was the one shooting it, and I have a crush on her. So it was extra hot for me, like the leftover curry I had for breakfast. Which, just like Kari, made my heart burn.

Worthwhile video of the gun in action after the jump.

Cutting Trees With a Minigun - Kari Byron fires the Dillon M134D [liveleak]

Thanks to Anthony, who can fell a tree with a single chop of his hand, for the tip. Suck it Paul Bunyan!

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