London Pads Lamp Posts To Help Prevent 'Texting While Walking' Related Injuries

March 7, 2008


I'm not a big fan of text-messaging while walking, but that's because I have the coordination of a newborn. Apparently a lot of people do it. And apparently a lot of people get hurt doing it (allegedly 1 in 10 London texters) . So now the city is starting to pad its lamp posts to prevent people from running into them while they're busy texting. I personally think this is a horrible idea. It makes the lampposts look stupid and prevents injuries to people who probably deserve it (and should learn a valuable lesson). You have to look where you're walking! Next they're going to start padding cars for people who walk and text-message. I say screw the padding, add sharp spikes to the poles. If you can't manage to look where you're walking then you deserve to lose all that blood.

A painful video after the jump if you forgot what it looks like when someone runs into a pole.

Texting Leads while walking makes you bump into Lamp Posts [newlaunches]
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