LEGO Guide Features Every Set Ever Made

March 12, 2008


In celebration of LEGO's 50th anniversary the company is releasing a collector's guide that will contain every set ever made from 1958 to 2008. Which is about 8,000 sets. OH YEAH! Each will be categorized by year of production and will have a rating from 1 to 6 LEGO blocks depending on its rarity. The book is dropping in Germany in a few months for about $35, and it should make its way to North America later in the year. I for one can hardly wait to get my hands on a copy. All those delicious plastic models to feast my little eyes upon. Man I'm so excited I could shit a LEGO brick! Uh oh, that was no LEGO.

All Encompassing LEGO Collector's Guide [ohgizmo]

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