Legit: Tron Lightcycle Scene In Cardboard

March 31, 2008

Remember Tron, the awesome as hell movie from the 80's where Flynn get digitized and has to fight in a computer system? Speaking of which, does anybody know where I can get my hands on one of those sweet glowing frisbee things? Anyway, long story short -- Tron is awesome, I would totally rule at that jai alai game they play to the death, they're going to make a sequel, and thinking about it gives me a pantstick. This is a video of the lightcycle seen from the original done in cardboard. It was well made. Not unlike the blanket fort I constructed this morning. My roommates don't call me Frank Lloyd Geekologie for nothing you know. Nope, I had to brandish a firearm and make them swear they would.

Cardboard Tron [notcot]

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