KissPhone Replicates Your Kiss For The Person You're Talking To, Looks Horrible

March 10, 2008


George Koussouros is a freelance inventor, and he developed the KissPhone.

The KissPhone detects percussion speed, pressure, temperature, and sucking force of the lips, when you kiss it. An artificial mouth on the KissPhone receptor can reproduces same parameters. So the customer is able to...
...send or receive kiss from distance,
...leave or receive a kiss in answering machine,
...repeat the kiss saved on the phone or
...relay it to other people, or upload kiss in the web
...receive kiss from a kiss bank as the one from Madonna or from an imaginary Hero!

Company captures market because of distinctive concept and keeps market because of associated services and accessories.

Now I know what you're thinking, "Damn, how have I been living without a KissPhone for so long?" And the answer, my friends, is not easily. Unfortunately they only work if the people on both ends each have one. So I'm going to have to buy two. I really think these may take my long-distance relationship to the next level. That next level being my girlfriend cheating on me.

Kiss Phone detects intensity of virtual kisses [slipperybrick]

A big thanks to Cygnus, who doesn't need kissy phones to keep the ladies happy, for the tip

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