It's About Time: Apple Files Patent For 3-D Display, See You Soon Princess Leia *wink*

March 26, 2008


This is a diagram from the patent Apple filed on the 20th for a 3-D Holographic Display.

The patent application goes on to assert that two-dimensional projections of 3-D scenes are inadequate. "Without the benefit of 3-D rendering, even high quality images that have excellent perspective depictions still appear unrealistic and flat," it says. "No headgear needs to be worn by the observer. "In one embodiment, the system of the present invention provides a stereoscopic 3-D display and viewing experience; in another, it delivers a realistic holographic 3-D display experience."

Sweet, 3-D. Not to brag or anything, but I see real life in 3-D. Does that make me better than everyone else? Yes. It's a scientific fact that most people only see in 3-C. Unless I've got things backwards and 3-C is actually an improvement over 3-D. In that case I see in 3-A, which is practically x-ray vision. That's right folks, boobs.

Apple files patent for holographic 3-D display

Thanks to Dan, who can see in 5-A because he's from the future, for the tip

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