Intravenous Lamp Provides A Sickly Light

March 19, 2008


I hate the hospital. I can see white and pass out just thinking about it. But for some reason I found myself strangely attracted to this "Lichtinfusion" Lamp by Christian Maas. As you can see it looks like a bunch of intravenous bottles with lights inside and tubes dangling. Kind of morbid, but neat. Now what you need to do is take one of these and add a naked guy that looks like the Unabomber. Let's say this guy, oh I don't know, drank “two or three glasses” of vodka and drove his car into a parked fire truck. Imagine the shuffle of slippers and this thing squeaking across the floor as he tries to make his way over to your side of the room whenever you turn off the lights. And that, my friends, is the true story of why I don’t like hospitals.

One more picture with the lights off after the jump.


Intravenous Lamps

Thanks to Anthony, who has never gone to the hospital in his whole life because he has the healing powers of Wolverine, for the tip

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