Intelli Panel: Something Someone Might Buy

March 17, 2008


The Intelli Panel turns off all your computer peripherals (printers, monitors, Lava Lamps, etc.) whenever you power down your computer. On average the device saves 35 watts/hour and 176 kg of CO2/year depending on the amount of stuff you've got plugged in. It costs about $56 and may not come in a North American model. Still, if you're too lazy to flip the switch on a power strip then this may be the product you need to feel a little greener. Or you could, oh I don't know, slather yourself in green interior paint and get drunk. I did it and I'm feeling mighty green. And leady. That paint was pretty old. Oh, and whether you celebrated on Saturday or you’re getting down today -- HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY EVERYONE!

Intelli Panel - Powers All Computer Peripherals OFF/ON Automatically [likecool]

Thanks to Ben, who the ladies should kiss even if he isn't Irish, for the tip

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