ICQ P2P Toothpaste Is Highly Questionable

March 18, 2008


An Israeli pharmaceutical company is releasing ICQ toothpaste that'll ""help P2P communication (person to person) while reducing bad breath." Awesome. I'm going bald, so I really hope they come out with a hair balm for S2E (self to esteem) communication too. You know, it seems like only yesterday I met my first girlfriend on ICQ. I would always race home to the computer to chat with her after I got out of school. It got pretty serious and we finally we decided to meet one day. And yes, you guessed it -- it was my best friend's dad trolling for boys. He broke up with me a few weeks later.

ICQ, the Toothpaste [gizmodo]

Thanks to Steve, who has shining white teeth and pleasant-smelling breath, for the tip

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