Human-like Homer Is Scarier Than I Thought

March 24, 2008


Remember the human Mario rendering from last week? Well here comes Homer.

This one was a bit more difficult in that i wanted the light to come in mainly from one side with a bit of back light. So all my reference had to be lit from one side. For textures i needed but didn't have this lighting situation, i had to darken or light a bit to give the same effect.

For clarification, these aren't studies of what Homer would look like if he was a real person, its just what a cartoon like Homer would look like if he kept his toon proportions but had realistic texturing and lighting. I find this slightly less disturbing than the Mario one. :) Some might feel he looks too old, keep in mind he was in his 30's 20 years ago when the show first started. ;)

Great job, he looks scary as shit. I do like how you used my penis model for the nose though. Nice touch.

Pixeloo Homer Simpson [notcot]

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