Handcuff Watch Looks Alright, Fetishy

March 4, 2008


Luis Berumen's ZeroPointZero concept watch is made from a pair of handcuffs. I like it. Not sure if I could rock it to work, but it'd certainly come in handy sometimes. After all, there's nothing worse than losing track of time when you're cuffed to the bed and your significant other is beating you with a riding crop. Now I'm not totally sure how the time is displayed, but I think the one in the picture may be showing 10:10. Of course I could be wrong. I've been wrong before. Like the time I said "I do" in front of that priest. Huge mistake.

Luis Berumen's ZeroPointZero Watch Concept - The Handcuff Inspired Fetishistic Timepiece [tfts]

Thanks to Andrew, who is cool in my book, for the tip

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