Guy Makes Music Using Only Sounds From Microsoft Windows 98 & XP, It's Pretty Neat

March 7, 2008

This is a video of some music a guy made using only sound effects from Windows. The video is of the music playing in ModPlug Tracker, the program he used to put it all together. The music only lasts for 1:31, then he starts going through all the different sounds he used. I really like the first part of the song, because it sounds like a carnival. And everyone loves carnivals, well, except for the freak show and all the freaking clowns. Once I peaked behind a tent I shouldn't have and saw a bearded woman making out with the dog-faced boy. It was really disturbing. Then I went to play the game where you try to pop the balloons with darts, but I used them to stab my eyes out instead.


Thanks to Derek, who regularly makes beautiful music with beautiful ladies, for the tip

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