Rock Band Mod Uses Real Guitar String

March 18, 2008


Rock Band just not real enough for you? Would playing a string instead of a strum-bar help? If so then this is the mod for you. All you have to do is dremel and drill the hell out of your guitar and install it. The patent pending kit is available on eBay with a starting bid of $75 plus an ultra-freaking-ridiculous shipping price of $24. You know, that's what I hate about eBay sellers -- their unbelievable shipping charges. I mean, this kit is two pieces of wood, some springs, screws and wire. What the French toast? It's like the time I bought a book and didn't realize the seller was asking $40 shipping. You know what I told that jerk? I told him I didn't want it anymore and if he even thought about leaving me negative feedback I'd find out where he lives and kill his whole family. I take my 100% positive feedback seriously.

Another picture of the unassembled kit and a video of it in action after the jump.


rock band guitar string mod kit available for purchase [technabob]

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