Geek Bling: Periodic Rings Are Elemental

March 10, 2008


These Periodic Rings from ITSNONAME (wtf?) are available in silver, gold, and platinum. Each features the corresponding metal's atomic number and weight and come in sizes 7, 8 and 9. Silver will set you back a paltry $205, gold (14K yellow) a staggering $2,200, and the platinum a holy shitting $6,500. Now I can think of a lot better ways to blow $6,500, and none of them include periodic table themed jewelry. Although one does include a drive across country with a one-legged hooker and a trunk full of drugs. Wait, that was a movie idea. No, no it wasn't. That is how I'd spend $6,500.

Two more pictures after the jump, including one of what it'd look like to get punched.



Periodic Rings from ITSNONAME [notcot]

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