Gas Powered Blender Is Rocking Handlebars

March 12, 2008


This party blender is powered by a 23cc 4-stroke gas engine (which I assume was yanked from a yard-trimmer or leafblower or something) and costs about $300. The pitcher holds up to 48oz and is sure to destroy the hell out of whatever you put in (suck it Blendtec douche). Oh yeah, and it's got a sweet set of handlebars complete with twist throttle! And to think I've gone so long mixing my frozen drinks in an electric blender with no handlebars. God, I feel like such a little girl. And not just because I'm wearing a Hello Kitty training bra. Although that is part of it.

Gas Powered Party Blender With Handlbars Powered By 23cc Engine [tfts]

Thanks, as always, to Andrew for the gas-powered tip

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