Drum Table Makes Noise If You Bang On It

March 27, 2008


The Musical Rumba Table, from MusicalFurnishings.com, makes noise when you bang around on it. That's because it's actually a table with different percussion instruments attached to the underside of the individual tiles. You can even customize your piece by choosing from the 12 available percussion modules (cowbell, tambourine, snare, bongo, etc.). They come in sizes from 2' x 2' ($800) to 4' x 4' ($2,900) and might be worth it if you can't eat dinner without musical accompaniment. Or you could, oh I don't know, just eat a lot of beans. Toot toot! Seriously though, this seems like a great buy. Just look how much fun those people in the picture are having. Tons. It's like an African drumming circle, but a square. And with no Africans, just a bunch of pasty white people.

Video of someone beatin' the ol' blocks after the jump.

Musical Drum Table Will Drown Out The Awkward Conversations At Your Next Cocktail Party [ohgizmo]

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