DIY Vacuum Tube iPod Amplifier Seems Legit

March 11, 2008


I'm a huge fan of DIY projects. Especially ones that begin by destroying something beautiful. Unfortunately this is not that kind of project. But it is a DIY iPod amplifier -- complete with vacuum tubes. Raise the roof everybody! Did I just say raise the roof? I meant somebody kill me for even thinking that. The unit costs around $150, and as the name implies, it comes as a kit you get to put together yourself (picture after the jump). It looks pretty simple. However if you're new to DIY projects you may want to start with the DIY megaphone. What you do is you cup your hands together like you're catching a football, hold them over your mouth and yell something really loud. Maybe something like "SORRY YOU DIDN'T WIN THAT BLOGGIE YOU SO RIGHTFULLY DESERVED MR. GEEKOLOGIE WRITER!"



Thanks to Andrew, who is cool in my book, for the tip

Uber Cool Gakken Self Build Vacuum Tube iPod Amplifier Kit - An Audiophile's Wet Dream [tfts]

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