Dieting: As Simple As Wearing Blue Glasses

March 20, 2008


Everybody knows McDingdongdonald's and other fast food restaurants use red and yellow colors in their logos and restaurants because they're warm and make you hungry. And that's why they shy away from cold blues, because they have the opposite effect. Well now, thanks to these sweet Japanese glasses, dieting is as simple as rocking a pair of blue lenses! According to a horribly translated article:

It stimulates the physiological circulation of the human that it is appetite the effect of red approaches the brain among non consciousness, would like to eat generally, that it increases. It is said that the appetite it calms the excitation of the brain above that would like to eat blue color conversely, is held down. Those where the color physiology is applied are these sunglasses. “You drink continuously” if and so on poor even with the person where “it moves”, this because just you apply with easily is, it is easy to continue without being chased in stress, probably will be.

Perfect sense. The glasses cost about $20 here, or you can do what I did and take your grandpa's bifocals and cover them in blue magic marker. I must admit -- I'm not feeling very hungry. I am, however, dizzy.

Lose Weight by Wearing Sunglasses [albotas]

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