Damnit!: Fake Ferrari Car Ring Busted In Italy

March 4, 2008


Italian police recently accused 15 people of building and selling fake Ferraris and confiscated 21 cars (14 of which were already sold). Apparently the cars were going for way cheap -- around 20,000 euros (a paltry $30,400).

Car body workers who police called "very able" cobbled together mostly fake parts and a few original components. They used body parts from other makes of automobiles, such as chassis, roofs, hoods, trunks and doors.

"Very able" indeed. How in the hell do you take pieces off of other cars and make them look like a Ferraris? I reckon we're talking kit cars here. Like putting a Ferrari looking body on a 1985 Pontiac Fiero. That being said, I'm pissed those damn police confiscated my car. I had already paid for that thing. Oh well, I just hope the Lame-oborghini ring doesn't get busted or I'll really be screwed.

Pssst! Want to buy a fake Ferrari? [yahoonews]

Thanks to Delphine, who owns several of the real deal, for the tip

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