Curved iMac Concept Is Curved, Conceptual

March 3, 2008


The iMac iView is a conceptual product design by Nuno Teixeira. As you can see it's a curved iMac. It looks incredibly similar to a bad idea. But it does have one saving grace - a second screen on the back (picture after the jump). That way your office wall (long left out of computing activities) can feel included in the experience. Or if your computer doesn't back up to a wall, then it provides a great way for your coworkers to know just what porn/non-work related sites you visit all day long. Awesome, I know. But seriously, I think many of you just don't understand the usefulness of this monitor for someone like me -- someone with EYES IN THE BACK OF THEIR HEAD. What do you mean that wouldn't help me see the monitor? Sure it would. The monitor has another screen on the back and my head has eyes on the back. Thusly, according to my most recent scientific calculations, I'm a stupid asshat.

Picture of the back after the jump.


Curved iMac concept bends beyond the realm of plausibility [engadget]

Thanks to aBRAHAM, whose awesomeness is biblical, for the tip

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