Sugar Jewelry Is Way Sweet (!) (Kill Me Now)

March 13, 2008


Greetje van Helmond likes making jewelry. She also likes making candy. And now she's making both at the same time! OMGOOGLE! Using what appear to be a number of scientific looking bongs she grows sugar crystals around strings, forming beautiful candy jewelry. I actually remember having eaten some of these before, but I got it at an amusement park and it came on a wooden stick. It was great until the sugar rush kicked in and I tried to jump out of a roller coaster. Still, I'll give the jewelry model a go. I just ordered a necklace, I'll let you know how glamorous I look.

UPDATE: I woke up in the middle of the night being attacked by a vampire. Luckily I managed to drive a stake through its heart before I got bitten. And yes -- you guessed it! -- it turned out to be my candy-loving wife trying to eat the necklace.

Greetje van Helmond

Thanks to Dru, who I wish taught cool lessons because I could learn a thing or two from HER, for the tip

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