Controller Pillows Guarantee Good Dreams

March 5, 2008


These 20" x 20" pillows are printed with all your favorite video game controllers and cost $40 apiece. They've even got the new controllers, like the Wiimote. I remember my 3rd grade teacher once told me if you think about something a lot before bed, then you stand a better chance of dreaming about it. So maybe these could aid in dreaming about awesome video games, you never know. What I do know is that sleeping on an open chemistry textbook doesn't mean you'll know all the information when you wake up. Talk about bombing a test. I tried to proposition the teacher for a better grade, but he sent me to the principal's office. I tried to proposition the principal to not suspend me, but he did it anyways. I'm an awful whore.

video game controller pillows: sweet dreams [technabob]

Thanks to Melissa, who I can only hope to dream about at night, for the tip

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