Cigarette Pack Cell Phone Is Sneaky, Smokey

March 28, 2008


This is a cell phone disguised as a pack of Marlboro cigarettes that'll set you back about $175 in China. It rocks dualband GSM, a microSD card slot, and can play MP3's.

From the front, it looks like a real pack of Marlboros. You can even put real cigarettes in it. But secretly, it's a cell phone. The best part is the side-mounted camera feature - people might be looking for you to take cell phone pictures, but they'll never suspect your cigs! This phone is available in Taipei's ShiLin night market, next to the toilet-themed restaurant.

Ah yes, the infamous toilet-themed restaurant. A regular mecca for novelty cell phone lovers. Seriously though, great Poopoo Platter.

Chinese Cigarette Phone Looks Like a Pack of Marlboros

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