Bronze Boba Fett PEZ Dispenser Looks Niiice

March 31, 2008


Scott, a man who loves both fruit flavored sugar cubes and Star Wars, cast a Boba Fett PEZ dispenser in bronze.

I made this using the lost wax casting process with an organic burnout. The material is silicon bronze. The original sleeve for the Pez broke, so I cannibalize dparts from another dispenser: Simba from the Lion King. The hole in the body resulted from an incomplete casting of the thin part; probably could have had better sprue placement. I like the results, though. The replacement sleeve was modified for the "battle scar" effect, revealing the Pez. Finishing was minimal, with a pretty standard bronze patina.

Great job, Scott. And you were right about the battle scar, that turned out pretty awesome. Now you'll always know when you're running low on on your sugar fix. Speaking of fixes *shoots 50cc's of granulated sugar into arm* Ahhhh, that's the stuff. Wait, something's not right. *reads box* Iodized salt! Not again.

Several more pictures of Boba PEZ after the jump.




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Thanks to Scott, the man, myth, and legend behind the dispenser, for the tip.

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