Bible Fighting Game Is Wrong, Sinful, Fun

March 17, 2008


Bible Fight is religious-themed Flash game made by This Is Pop for Adult Swim. You get to choose a Biblical fighter (Noah, Moses, Jesus, Mary, Eve, and Satan) and stage (Garden of Eden, Noah's Ark, the Parted Seas, the Manger, Hell, Golgotha, and Heaven) and duke it out Street Fighter style. Each player has special moves (that picture is of Noah releasing his Stampede attack) and I felt pretty wrong playing it. It was kind of fun seeing everyone's specials though. Oh, hold on, phone. "Jesus? I know I shouldn't have played as Satan. I know, I'm sorry. Won't happen again. You and the Apostles are celebrating St. Patty's down at the bar? Count me in. By the way, have you given any more thought to what I said about maybe adding me as the 13th? You know, I just kind of feel like the 13th wheel whenever we all go out is all. Well that's cool, you keep thinking it over. Say, you gonna turn water into green Jello shooters like you did last year?"

Bible Fight
Bible Fight: You'll Probably Go To Hell For Playing This [albotas]

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