Backpack Has Speakers, Stormtrooper Styling

March 13, 2008


The Reppo II Backpack is a product design by Joonas Saaranen. As you may be able to tell being the astute observer that I know you are, it's a hardshell backpack with speakers. It was designed with those people in mind that want to subject you to their music no matter how much it sucks. Like Captain Deaf of the USS Busted Eardrums I had to sit next to on the bus yesterday. He was wearing headphones, but he had the volume up so loud the whole bus could probably hear. I mean WTF? I was going to grab his iPod and smash it, but I knew that things would work themselves out. And you know what? I was right. He got mugged after getting off at his stop. Poor bastard, no more music for him. Say, speaking of music -- I've got a nice iPod for sale. Great condition, comes with a pair of really loud headphones.

Reppo II Boombox Backpack Could Have Some Niche Appeal [uberreview]

  • I really want to get one of those! =D where and what is price for those?

  • mathew

    where can I get one

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