Apocalyptic Christian Video Game Is Wow

March 6, 2008

I've never heard of the Left Behind book series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, but that's because the only reading I do is on the back of cereal boxes. This game, LEFT BEHIND: Tribulation Forces is based on said books. You "combat the Antichrist’s forces on two battle fronts - physical & spiritual warfare: Use the power of prayer and worship to resist spiritual influences and defend against their physical attacks." Apparently you run around trying to convert non-believers or mowing them down with machine guns. Pretty awesome premise if you ask me. Reminds me of the time I had to pistol whip a Burger King employee for not accepting Monopoly money. I told him the Lord was totally cool with it and even quoted some scripture, "And Jesus said to his disciples: the Geekologie writer shall payeth for thine Spicy CHICK'N CRISP Sandwich with whatever payment he seeth fit." The little jerk didn't believe me, and that's when God told me to get physical.

Note: You only need to watch the first minute of the video to get the premise, and there's a great quote at 0:27.

Left Behind [gametrailers]

Thanks to Nathaniel, who gets straight A's in being cool, for the tip

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