Zing! Food Fight Weapon Is Questionable

February 8, 2008


I enjoy a good fight as much as the next guy. I think they're the key to a healthy marriage and having dried food particulate caked all over the kitchen walls. To help the less adept food fighter Fred & Friends developed Zing! food launching spoons. As you can see they're spoons with a spring in the middle. Personally I have no problem getting a good launch with a regular spoon, but I studied food projectiles in middle school. You should have seen the shot I made two nights ago! I hit my wife right between the eyes with a good sized portion of tuna noodle casserole. She was pissed but acknowledged the great shot. Then she waited till I was loading the dishwasher and beat me in the skull with a meat tenderizer until I was unconscious.

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Thanks to Sly, who is a craftier than a fox, for the tip

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