Z-Coils: Go Go Gadget Stupid Springy Shoes

February 8, 2008


Well not only does this make two spring related posts today, it also makes this Inspector Gadget week at Geekologie, first with the personal copter and now the Z-coil spring shoes. First utilized by a clumsy cartoon inspector in the mid 80's, these shoes guarantee to aid you in your mission of capturing Dr. Claw and putting an end to M.A.D.'s illegal operations.

UPDATE: Okay, it turns out I bought a pair of these online one night when I was drunk and they just came. I've been running around the neighborhood and I've got to say, they're surprisingly comfy. I'm gonna take them out in a minute and do some tests to see how high they make me jump.

UPDATE: Not high enough to clear a bus, somebody call an ambulance.

Scariest Vision of the Future on Two Legs [io9]

Thanks to Sebastian, who can jump over buildings with a single leap -- barefooted, for the tip

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