You Deserve It: Home Installed Bowling Lanes

February 28, 2008


Are you a bowling fanatic? Does seeing The Big Lebowski give you a boner? If so then you're not invited over to watch it this weekend. Just kidding, you're more than welcome. But if you just plain love bowling and hate having to leave the house to hit the lanes, then how about getting your own installed? United Bowling will install two regulation lanes (complete with pin setter-upper, ball return and computer scoring) in your home for a paltry $88,000. Unfortunately I called and that cost does not include building the necessary 88' x 12' x 10' room. So, yeah. Thought I was going to pull a fast one on them. Nope. I still managed to sneak in the "Do you carry 12lb balls?" joke though. Freaking classic. I'm throwing rocks tonight. Mark it, Dude.

Another picture of the lanes, and a DIY video of some guy that made a 10ft lane in his garage, after the jump. If you watch the video make sure to notice the pin hit the camera at 0:37.


Custom Installed Residential Bowling Alleys [ohgizmo]

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