Waffle Tetris Is Delicious But Needs Syrup

February 29, 2008


Well last week it was Tetris ice cubes and then a few days ago was Captain Quickfingers playing Tetris at supersonic speeds and invisibly, and now comes Waffle Tetris. As is evident from the picture, Waffle Tetris is Tetris played with waffle bits on a paper towel. What fun! And while the gamer is about to lay the current tetrad in a shitty spot, they've got the long stick coming up which they've been saving for that far right side. And you know what that means -- they'll have to munch the bottom four rows! How delicious. I've been so inspired I'm going to make some waffles right now and play a round, I'll let you know how it goes.

UPDATE: So I was out of damn waffles. I bet my dick of a roommate ate them all behind my back. I was determined to do some breakfast gaming though, so I gave it a go with oatmeal. Fail.

tetris waffles: how to play with your food [technabob]

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