Turn Your Living Room Into A Shooting Range

February 4, 2008


Just the other day I was thinking how great it would be to shoot guns inside the house. Now thanks to the N Range Indoor Shooting System my dream can become reality. The systems range from $1,300 for the Standard, to $3,500 for the Executive one seen in the picture. The key to the system is the ammunition used, which requires you to use a special conversion barrel in your weapon (included). The projectiles used with the system contain no gunpowder.

The N Rangeâ„¢ proprietary target Ammunition is designed to provide you with a safe low velocity, low energy, low smoke and low noise round that enables full function of your firearm and provides realistic recoil. The round is a two-primer expanding cartridge design. This proprietary system makes it possible to use a large enough primer to expand the cartridge and cycle the firearm but not affect the charge of the separate smaller primer used to propel the aluminum projectile at the necessary low velocity for safe indoor use.

Wow, it's sounding less and less fun the more I read. So I'm just going to stop now. Low noise, low velocity, low energy, no gunpowder. It's like you're not even shooting a gun anymore. Sounds about as awesome as trying to knock an empty soda can off the top of the television with a rubber band. Which is what I'm doing now. I'd actually be watching television but I accidentally shot it back when discharging weapons indoors was still fun.

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"N Range" Indoor Target Range [boingboing]

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