To-Do Tattoos Are Ridiculously Ridiculous

February 12, 2008


To-Do Tattoos are temporary tattoos that say "to do..." and then have seven lines to write shit on. Now call me crazy, but I don't really need lines in order to write things on my hand. I've always scribbled important things to remember there, long before the advent of To-Do Tattoos. That being said, that person's list is ridiculous. Like they're going to buy milk and then go climb Everest. Get real. That person needs to add "lay off the PCP" and "stop making unreasonable lists" to their to do's. Now the other smaller list on the packaging, that one seems legit. "Buy eggs, light bulbs, sand paper, bacon, kitty litter, vodka". Mmm, that sounds gooood. Kitty litter and broken bulb omelets with a side of 120 grit and a cold glass of vodka -- just like mom used to make.

No PDA? Tattoo your to-dos [cnet]

Thanks to Darren, who doesn't need to-do lists because others always do the work, for the tip

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