This Meeting Is Boring: Ejector Seat Chairs

February 1, 2008


How many times have you sat through a boring meeting wishing you had an ejector seat that could blast you through the ceiling and into the women's restroom on the floor above? Never? Well I wish that all the time. Anyways, if you're the 'top gun' in your office (I'm actually cutting myself for saying that) let everyone know with a genuine ejector seat from a B-52 Stratofortress. Available from MotoArt for an undisclosed amount of money, you can get either an upward or downward ejecting model (this one is a downer) used on the two decks of the plane. Unfortunately the firing mechanism is absent, so you'll have to pack your own fireworks under the chair for effect. "This meeting sucks. Oh shit, I've been hit by a boredom bogey! BAIL BAIL BAIL!! PPSSSHHOOOOW!!!!!!!!" (this is when you light the fireworks and run for the door while it's smoky).

B-52 Stratofortress Ejector Seat Office Chair - Tailor Made For Aviation Buffs [tfts]

Thanks to Andrew, who knows when it's time to bail, for such a fine article

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