The DIY AeroCivic Will Definitely Get You Great Mileage, Definitely Not Laid

February 14, 2008


Mike Turner pimped out his 15 year old Civic with lots of what appears to be Bondo, molded cardboard and duct tape to create the AeroCivic. It has a drag coefficient of 0.17 (the new Honda Civic hybrid is around a 0.27) and gets 95 MPG when "driving at a constant speed from 30 to 65 MPH on a flat road in 80 degree temperatures with well broken-in tires." In any other circumstance it gets about 8 MPG. Just kidding. I admire your work Mike, and wish you and the AeroCivic the best in the future. Also, I hope you're already married. Because unless you're looking to bag Mother Nature herself, you're gonna have a hell of a hard time doing it in that thing.

Several more pictures of the AeroCivic after the jump.




DIY AeroCivic: It's Ugly, But it Gets 95 Miles Per Gallon [treehugger]

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