Take A Peek Inside Darth Vader's Helmet

February 12, 2008


Apparently they have Darth Vader's helmet on display in the Star Wars exhibit at the Franklin Institute Science Museum I mentioned in last week's Yoda cookie post. So here it is. I'm glad there are pictures of it because I didn't remember it too well from the movie. Sure I can recall the part in Return of the Jedi when Luke takes it off and all, but I was too enamored with the dried and misshapen turnip that was Darth Vader's head to notice anything about the helmet. You remember that head? It looked awful -- kind of like a conehead, but with serious dents and scars. That shit kept me from sleeping for days. And I still won't eat turnips.

Several more shots of Vader's helmet, including a nice interior view, after the jump. I also included one of his busted-ass head, in case you forgot what it looks like.






Inside Darth Vader's helmet

Thanks to Richard, who it is always a pleasure to hear from, for the tip

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