Stink Breath Detector Gives It To You Straight

February 7, 2008


For $10 you can pick up a Halitosis Detector that lets you know if you have funk breath or not. Because you can't always trust the 'breathe into your hand and sniff' method. The unit has a little LCD face that changes based on the severity of your breath. If the little guy screams "oh shit!" and the device catches fire it's time for a whole tin of Altoids. God this reminds me of a professor I had a few years back (who I've mentioned before). She had the rankest damn breath on the planet. You know how people walk their dogs and use a bag to pick up after them? Yeah, well it was like her lunch bag got switched with one of those and she ate the contents anyways. And if you think I'm joking you can ask my buddy -- he had to be hospitalized after going to her office hours one afternoon.

Halitosis Detector - Do You Smell Something? [ohgizmo]

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