Somebody Buy Me A Ticket: The A2 "Son Of Concorde" Supersonic Jet Is Pretty Fast

February 8, 2008


I never got a chance to fly on a Concorde, mostly because I'm poor and don't like flying (or driving, or walking). But there may be a chance in the not-too-distant future to experience supersonic flight after all thanks to the A2. Nicknamed the "Son of Concorde" the jet is powered by liquid hydrogen and can reach speeds in excess of 3,400 mph. The plane will cruise at a 100,000ft altitude and travel from England or Brussels to Australia in under five hours. The plane seats 300 and tickets are expected to go for around $3,900. Which is a lot. Being able to join the Mile High and Mach 5 clubs in one trip would be pretty cool though. But still not as cool as making love with a jetpack on.

A2, the "Son of Concorde," is supersonic, green and sexy

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