Skywalker Bike Would Hurt/Kill You To Fall Off

February 29, 2008


The 12-foot tall SkyWalker TallBike is way up there. A little too far up there if you ask me. I know several kids around town that have five and six-feet tall bikes, and even those things seem ridiculous. This one is so tall it has a ladder system built-in so you can actually get on the thing. And apparently they're rugged.

According to Koolkat, the 12-foot SkyWalker is so strong that it can easily take a 500-pound pilot, a little trivia fact that makes me imagine a Fantasia hippo driving one.

Sure I believe that it can hold a 500-pound rider, but what I want to see is a 500-pounder that's crazy (and nimble) enough to get up there. And could you imagine someone crashing and falling off this thing? That would be pretty awesome wouldn't it? Yeah, it would. How awesome?

A. So freaking awesome!
B. Bad to the ass!
C. Gnar Gnar Gnarly!
4. Pow Pow Powerwheels!
G. Huh?
F. Dude, that's not right, it could really hurt somebody.
G. I am so f***ed up right now, somebody please put on some music.

If you answered D. "I once saw a guy try to grind a handrail on rollerblades but fell and busted his sack open and one of his balls unraveled onto the concrete" then you are 100% correct.

Another picture and video of the bike in action after the jump.


12-Foot SkyWalker Bike Looks Tough to Ride [techeblog]

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